Free Delivery and Free Pills with Bitcoin Payment

When you choose to complete your order with us using Bitcoin, we will cover the delivery fee, and include free pills with your order anywhere in the UK or EU!

When purchasing 30, 60, or 90 pills, we include 20 absolutely free!
Purchase 120, 150 or 180 pills, and we will include 40 pills at no charge!


What Exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be used to make purchases or transfer funds anonymously anywhere around the world – essentially a digital foreign currency that is globally accepted.

Anybody can create their own Bitcoin wallet with ease. Creating a Bitcoin wallet is similar to opening an online bank account such as Revolut or Starling. Be sure to have Valid identification, a current email address and a computer or smartphone ready.

Below we will outline the simple steps to creating a Bitcoin wallet so you can start receiving free pills and free shipping on your next order!

Steps to Creating a Bitcoin Wallet

  • Have your ID ready (Passport or driver's license) and head over to Coinbase to get started with creating your wallet.
  • Follow the steps on the website to create your free account, followed by the ID verification process you will be met with before adding a purchase method.
  • Once created, you can begin adding a Bitcoin balance to your wallet using Visa or MasterCard to purchase the digital currency

Completing Your Order with Bitcoin

Finalize your order as normal, but choose Bitcoin as your payment method at the checkout page. Once submitted, we will immediately send out an email indicating our Bitcoin wallet address and instructions to complete payment for your order.

How does Bitcoin Benefit the Customer?

Bitcoin orders are processed much quicker! Since a Bitcoin transfer is instantly sent between wallets, we are able to verify the payment quick, and dispatch your orders right away.

Since Bitcoin is decentralized and digital, nobody is able to trace what was purchased, or where a purchase was made. Your bank statement will only show a purchase made through Coinbase for buying Bitcoin. An added line of security for those who prefer it.

Still Stuck? Watch These Videos

There are many YouTube channels offering walkthroughs on how to set up a wallet, verify your identity, and how to send and receive Bitcoin payments. We have collected a few great videos to help listed below:

Having Further Troubles? We Can Help

Anybody who is still struggling with any part of the process is welcome to contact customer support 24 hours per day via email or the live chat feature available on our website. We can Help get you setup in just minutes with our knowledgeable team of experts.

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