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Our Privacy Policy - Cheapsleepingpills

The privacy policy of our website is detailed as follows:

  • The details of the products that you order from our website will not be mentioned by name on your credit card bill. The payment card billing descriptor will pertain to goods that have been bought from a non-specific and generic company, without any indication of the nature of the order that you have placed with our website.
  • The purchases are wrapped and packed in discreet package envelopes, which do not offer any indication of the actual nature of the products inside.
  • All the data collected from you is used by us according to the Data Protection Act of 1998.

We will utilize that data to:

  • Process your order whenever we need to dispatch it to your given address.
  • Take action against any cases of fraud or any other forms of security issues.
  • Deal efficiently with all repeat orders.
  • Resolve all queries linked to existing orders.

The information that we will collect from you on this website includes the following: These listed privacy policies are only applicable to our website.

  • Any form of personal information that you will be willing to share with us. This will include your name, address, payment card details and your email address.
  • Any form of data which will make the use of our website easier for you. This process is done through the use of cookies. These cookies note your browsing history and information and preferences which were viewed previously in order to improve the functionality of our website. These cookies are pieces of data which are actually logged on your computer. Most websites utilize them. You can disable them through your browser settings.
  • We also log your IP address. This is done as a matter of security. This way, we are able to estimate the number of individual visits to our website that are made through separate computers. The data that is collected and entered through our website is actually secured with the use of 128-bit encryption, ensuring that your data is kept safe.

Our privacy policies recognize your rights as a customer. You have the right to contact us with any and all queries you may have about an existing product order or about the placement of a new order.

We will conform to the above mentioned privacy policies at all times.

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