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Cheap Sleeping Pills dispatches medication in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • This website does not work in the capacity of offering any type of medical advice. It is strictly maintained for informational purposes only.
  • Being a customer, it is necessary for you to abide with the laws of your country and comply with all the import regulations regarding your home state/country.
  • In order to place an order on the website, you need to be above 18 years of age.
  • All the products available for sale on this website should only be bought for personal use. They should not be supplied to any third parties or resold in any other way.
  • The information available on the website is not to be used for self-diagnosis of any kind of medical condition. A medical condition should only be diagnosed by a medical practitioner.
  • The website has the express right to alter, change, revise or modify the product prices at any time, without any need for prior notice. This also applies to the brands that we stock, the pictures on the website do not indicate the brand that you are likely to receive.
  • The website will not be held responsible for any and all delays which may take place as a result of late delivery of goods from the wholesale suppliers or the manufacturers. The website will also not be held accountable or responsible for any delays caused by public holidays or delays because of errors by the postal system.
  • The website has the right to withdraw any product from sale, whenever it deems fit and with no prior notice.
  • The website will not be responsible for any price changes which occur as a result of fluctuations in the international exchange rate.
  • The prices on the website may vary periodically as a result of any changes concerning product distribution costs.
  • After payment has been made, the order cannot be cancelled.
  • The website will not, in any way, accept any liability in the case of any form of misuse of the sold products, or for any information provided on the website itself.
  • With the use of this website, you accept that any medicinal products you order from our website are for your express personal use only. You also accept that any products chosen for purchase by you are done so of your own free will.
  • You accept that you will be liable and responsible for the use of the products ordered from the website.
  • You accept that it is your own responsibility to undergo regular check-ups with your doctor and have sound knowledge whether or not an ordered product is safe for your use or not. You accept responsibility to have a thorough understanding of your medical condition before you start using a product obtained from the website.
  • Through the use of this website, you accept to abide to all the terms and conditions which are listed above concerning the use of the website and the products sold on it.
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