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Every day millions of people find themselves struggling to make it through the school day, workday, or just simply staying awake throughout the day. Studies have highlighted the decline in people who can simply remain focused on tasks during the day, which proves to negatively affect so many lives. This is the reason so many have introduced nootropic medications into their lives, helping people get the boost they need.

Every day hundreds of millions of people around the world are using nootropics, and many are not even aware. We drink things like caffeine or green tea daily, which can boost mental alertness greatly, as well as increase attention span and promote better memory function. These are the types of characteristics that people seek when they take nootropic medications.

Many might be wondering what types of people use these great medications. Do students really use these medications for clarity while studying? Are these medications being used in the business world? Are military personnel and special forces using nootropics? Continue reading this article to find out more.

What is Armodafinil?

Armodafinil has been associated with a group of medications known as Nootropics, or wakefulness-promoting drugs. This is an FDA approved generic version of the name-brand medication known as Nuvigil, which has been around since its approval in June of 2007. The active ingredient falls under the class of a schedule IV controlled substance. This means that the medication has a low potential for abuse, and a low potential of the patient becoming physically, or psychologically dependent on its effects.

Medications such as this are great ways to get rid of those intrusive, and dependency forming amphetamine-based medications prescribed by doctors regularly. While they do have their place in the pharmaceutical world, nootropics are quickly taking the reins in assisting people with the cognitive aspects of their lives.

Who Uses Armodafinil 150 mg?

There are so many people in all kinds of professions and study environments who use Armodafinil in order to achieve their tasks and goals each day. A survey was taken that included 4,580 college students, who were all asked if they use, or have used nootropic medicines to better their cognitive abilities for studying. Of these students, 65% had reported using the drugs to help with concentration and studying.

Businessmen such as stock traders have found great help with the use of nootropics over the years. Many brokers have made it a part of their daily work life to use drugs like Armodafinil. With such little time to rest, they must be alert and ready for any distractions that get in the way each day.

In the military, they have removed the amphetamine-based medications that were previously used, and replaced them with much safer nootropic medicines. This is to assist those on active duty, whether on the ground or in the sky, with staying awake and alert during hectic long hour days.

Armodafinil Dosage Instructions

Like every medication, when taking Armodafinil, it is important to understand and follow proper and safe dosage instructions. This ensures each patient receives the effects they need without concern. Proper dosage can depend on the reason behind using Armodafinil. For those using the medication due to narcolepsy, the recommended safe dosage is generally 150mg or one tablet per day. Some who have severe narcolepsy may need up to 250mg per day.

For those using the medication to gain stronger levels of focus during study hours for school, we recommend sticking to 150mg, or one tablet per day. When taking the medication to address shift work sleep disorder, 150mg should be taken roughly 1 hour before beginning your work shift.

Armodafinil Side Effects

Much like all pharmaceuticals, Armodafinil does come with it the potential of some patients experiencing side effects. While Armodafinil is considered to be well-tolerated overall, some people may simply not react well to these types of medications. Before taking the medication, everyone should read through the interactions portion of the information leaflet to ensure it is safe for them to use.

Some of the most commonly noted side effects that may be experienced from Armodafinil are:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Upset stomach/diarrhoea
  • Restlessness

Some taking Armodafinil could experience more severe side effects, though they are rarely reported. Please see the patient information leaflet for more details. Users may experience minor side effects during their first uses of Armodafinil, as their body is adapting to the medication. This should not cause concern unless they continue regularly.

Before You Buy Armodafinil Online

If you are looking to buy Armodafinil, there is no need to keep paying an arm and a leg at the local chemist. With online pharmacies, customers observe so many more benefits. When using an online pharmacy, there is no need for a prescription. Customers must be age 18 or older, and plan to use the medication responsibly.

Compared to high street shopping, customers will notice a massive difference in price per pill, saving themselves not just time and doctors visits, but money as well. All medications sent are sent with discretion in mind; all orders are sent out in a plain paper envelope with no indication of its contents. Every order shipped when using online pharmacies is delivered directly to your front door, hassle-free.

Buy Armodafinil Online

Once you have found the medication your wish to order, keep in mind that larger quantities purchased will result in larger savings overall per tablet. After adding your medication to your shopping cart, it is time to check out. Checkout is straightforward, simply fill out the required information, including name, address, email, and contact number.

We offer payment in several forms, including Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Bitcoin, and bank transfer. Once an order is submitted, you will receive an email immediately confirming the purchase. Within 24-hours an email will be sent confirming the shipment and will include an order tracking number. Delivery will arrive within 2-7 business days after ordering.

Whether you are dealing with narcolepsy, SWSD, or just looking to make it through busy workdays, we have you covered. Order Armodafinil from, and improve your quality of life today.

Last Reviewed: 10th July 2024
Next Review Due: August 2025

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